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Viktoria Rosek
"BDS launched Sonja Dene Dance Studios into the digital age over 10 years ago. Together we developed the brand from the design of our logo to our public profile. It all began with the design of our website, quick to follow was all our printable media needs. From street signage, advertising, promotional material, studio uniform, pamphlets, business cards, social media, production images and more, our entire business branding and ongoing development is taken care of. BDS is now an integral part of our business, with ease of access and real time solutions we are always on top of the game and would recommend BDS to any prospective business looking to develop their brand or start a new one!”
Sue Halden-Brown
Equestrian Coach Education International
"Far beyond my own skill set was the huge task of bringing all the ideas and ever-growing content of ECEi to those for whom it was created.I have no higher praise than for Judit, who has done just that.Webmistress extraordinaire, designer, editor, colleague and friend, Judit has constructed the ECEi site from the ground up as it has become ever more complex and technically challenging. I cannot overestimate the breadth and quality of her input in solving all manner of problems over the last year and a half, as the site has morphed from my first fist-full of ideas (which fitted comfortably into a bubble-map on half an A4 page!) in to the immensely complex IT architecture that supports ECEi today. Her untiring efforts have served to inspire me when ECEi threatened to swallow up both of us, as it acquired a life of its own. Yet her support and enthusiasm for ECEi has never faltered and her belief in me has never waned.

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