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Hi Judit

I got some great feedback yesterday on my website. I've been commissioned for a ghostwriting project, and I met with the contractor yesterday and in conversation I asked how he'd found me. He said (and I quote directly) "You have the best website listed on the Australian Society of Authors webpage. It says exactly what you do." So thumbs up for Braidwood Design Studio!

Robin Tennant-Wood
Freelance writer, independent researcher BRAIDWOOD NSW



Braidwood Design Studio has assisted our business in many ways, from providing advice on marketing, designing our website to developing an on-line booking form.

The creative and valuable advice we have received over a number of years and the helpful support provided to us when we have needed it has assisted in developing our business.

We thoroughly recommend contacting Braidwood Design Studio for friendly advice and assistance for your business and website needs.

Cedar Lodge Motel



Braidwood Design Studio has done a few web sites for me now.

I have been very happy with the results and importantly, the way we have arrived there.

It is the back and forth, the work together, the understanding what the client wants, that results in a good site.

Matthew Hulse

The Farm Dojo

Far beyond my own skill set was the huge task of bringing all the ideas and ever-growing content of ECEi to those for whom it was created.

I have no higher praise than for Judit, who has done just that.

Webmistress extraordinaire, designer, editor, colleague and friend, Judit has constructed the ECEi site from the ground up as it has become ever more complex and technically challenging. I cannot overestimate the breadth and quality of her input in solving all manner of problems over the last year and a half, as the site has morphed from my first fist-full of ideas (which fitted comfortably into a bubble-map on half an A4 page!) in to the immensely complex IT architecture that supports ECEi today. Her untiring efforts have served to inspire me when ECEi threatened to swallow up both of us, as it acquired a life of its own. Yet her support and enthusiasm for ECEi has never faltered and her belief in me has never waned.

Sue Halden Brown
Equestrian Coach Education International


My association with the Studio has been a collaborative success.

After becoming very unsatisfied with our previous web designer several years ago I found her studio and it was evident from our initial conversation that I didn't have to re-invent the wheel and provide a history and terminology lesson in dance in order to proceed with my website.

The rest is history – since then my ballet studio's identity and visibility in the public arena continued to grow from strength to strength. 

The service and advice we receive is always prompt, enabling us to take action immediately with requirements understood and implemented with a quick turnaround, for example the online enrollment and direct contact facility through our website including designing all our downloadable documents.

The Studio also designs our advertising campaigns annually and willing to work with me and my design requirements taking care to understand and achieve all the required elements. Because of their industry knowledge, this process is always smooth and the results precise.

The service also extends to bulk printing, logo design, signage, business cards, and brochures and photography.

I have four face to face meetings per year to plan our upcoming advertising campaigns including the revision of budgets that are revised and accommodated to suit our needs.

Access and communication is easy and immediate making it simple to keep my business needs up to date.

The Studio has since designed two additional website: one for the full time arm of our school, understanding immediately the importance of its own identity through design, and just recently, a new site specifically designed to attract to ballet a specific age-group children at two locations.

I have recommended the services of the Studio to three other dance studios which in turn have then became long term clients of the Studio.

I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to gain a better profile for their business.


V Rosek, Co-Director, Vocational Ballet College NSW

The Vocational Ballet College NSW

Sonja Dene Dance Studios

Happy Feet Ballet Studios