Braidwood Design Studio

How we work with you

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You tell us what you want and we will ask a lot of questions to make sure that we are on the same wave-length and we fully understand the outcome you are after and you fully understand what can be done and how it could be achieved

We will ask you about your needs - branding, social media integration, shopping cart, payment options, promotion campaigns, email campaigns and print requirements

We will involve you at every step and phase - from the very beginning when we will ask you to provide us with any content resources you have, throughtout the design phases when your timely feedback will be critical, to the very end when you site is launched.

Design Phase

After discussing you requirements, we provide you with

  • an outline of the design and architecture of the project for your review and
  • a quote.

At this phase, both the design and the quote are subject to review and agreement.

Implementation - 1st step

Once you are happy with the design, I will request 50% of the agreed amount as an indication of acceptance and a commitment to paying the outstanding amount on completion.

Additional quotes will be provided in case you request major changes to the accepted design (major change: changing structure, layout, template, if applicable).

Minor adjustments to the design may be made by agreement; such adjustments are limited to three in this stage.


Completing the site - all content and functions such as sliders, photo albums, shopping cart, forms, PayPal, social media integration, mail management.

I will ask you for the remainder of the payment prior to uploading to or activating your site on ther web server (your existing hosting arrangements or hosting as a part of the package).

Post completion

Maintainance period included in costing will commence

Includes any adjustments to the site

Post implementation includes submission to major search engines and and 1 entry in a local directory and any social media integration or promotion that may have been included in your package.